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About Emerald

How it All Started

I bring experience to Emerald Imports and Designs. I became involved in the construction world in 2004. After the crash of 2006 my family became experts in remodeling. In 2012, I put my personal dreams to the side and came Alongside my then husband and we created a now renown construction and Design company in SWFL.  Which later turned into the First Modern Design Studio in Cape Coral.  I was very honored to be recognised among many recognised builders in Cape. and winning many Awards. Some that even surpassed many builders with years of experience.  In the shadows of progress I gained experience and I poured myself into the beauty of creating spaces. The challenge of the Design Studio opened my life to the love of working with Color. My life was coming full circle . Today I have had the greatest pleasure of traveling the world. In my journey of soul searching I have been blessed with this next season of entrepreneurship. I have met amazing people throughout the world. Cultures that make the world such a beautiful melting pot. I have seen and touched Designs that many can only just see on a tv screen. My dream is to inspire you to be you through your design.

Our Founder

Marlin Gomez

The eldest of 3,  a native to Florida, mother of 4, entrepreneur and a warrior. I have lived a full life and love has always been at the center. I am a passionate person that views life through the Glass of  the maker of Life. Finding purpose in all I aspire and do shapes my ethics in business.  As a young mother I had the opportunity to learn so many facets of life and help their father to get into the world of Homes. With a background in Construction, design became my playground. Behind the scenes I was  paving the way for my family. Along my life journey I have been privileged to work along many souls that have shaped me. Teaching me responsibility, leadership and fearlessness.  My life has been filled with lots of joy and unexpected heartache but through it all I have always gotten back up and kept walking. 

Humanity is a beautiful thing. We just need to stop and listen to the stories that make a person. Getting into Interior Design allows me to do this. As I work with a client I can get to know them and bring their dreams to life. Their story is woven into space. There are so many amazing textiles and designs that the market offers and it can become so overwhelming. Especially if your priority is fulfilling your purpose instead of worrying about what color sofa you really want to sink into after a long day at changing the world.

Our Mission

Mission Statement

Life is a canvas, Let's make it a masterpiece.

Our Values

At Emerald Imports and Design, we believe that the essence of everything we do should be Love, echoing the very spirit of service embodied by the hands and feet of Jesus. Our core values reflect the very heart of our brand.

  • We are profoundly thankful for the blessings that grace our lives and consider it a privilege to be a blessing to others. With hearts full of gratitude, we embark on our mission to enhance spaces and lives.

  • These two pillars underpin our foundation. In every design and every relationship, trustworthiness and integrity are the steadfast principles that guide us. They are non-negotiable, essential to our identity as a leader in the design world.

  • Our unwavering commitment to responsibility and leadership is our legacy. We are dedicated to keeping our word, setting an example for others, and ensuring our designs serve as a beacon of inspiration and excellence.

  • Our passion is deeply rooted in helping others, motivating those around us, and nurturing creativity. These values drive us to go above and beyond, to inspire, and to create designs that elevate your spaces and your life.

At Emerald Imports and Design, these values are not just words on paper; they are the principles that shape our character, guide our actions, and define the very core of our brand. Our designs are infused with the same love, gratitude, trustworthiness, responsibility, and creativity that make up the essence of who we are.

Off White Fabric

Ready to Elevate Your Space?

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your spaces with Emerald Imports and Design. Your dream design is just a call or click away!

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