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Our Design Services

Experience the Seamless Interior Design Process with Emerald Imports and Design

We believe that every interior design journey should be a smooth and delightful experience, and our meticulous process reflects just that.

Initial Consultation:

Our journey begins with a conversation. We'll sit down with you to understand your vision, preferences, and aspirations. Together, we'll explore the styles that resonate with you and formulate a strategy that aligns with your project and budget requirements. This is where your design dreams take shape.

Design Meeting:

In the design meeting, we delve deeper into the creative process. We present and discuss the proposed design, from selections to color schemes, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision. We also outline timeframes, so you're informed and prepared for every step of the journey.


With the design concept solidified, we move on to the procurement phase. Here, we take care of all the necessary legwork. We source, order, purchase, track, and ensure the safe receipt of all selections. Our goal is to make the entire process as effortless as possible for you, turning your vision into reality.


The final stage is where your space truly comes to life. We deliver and set up all the selections with precision and care. If your project involved collaboration with a contractor, rest assured that we inspect all selections to ensure they meet our exacting standards before installation. This is where the transformation becomes a reality, and you get to enjoy the stunning result of our collective efforts.

At Emerald Imports and Design, our commitment to excellence shines through every stage of the interior design process. From initial consultation to staging, we're here to turn your design dreams into a luxurious reality.

Schedule a Consultation

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your spaces with Emerald Imports and Design. Your dream design is just a call or click away!

Marlin Gomez

Interior Designer

Emerald Design Services

With Emerald Imports and Design, your space becomes a canvas for these exceptional works of art, turning it into a sanctuary of luxury, beauty, and exclusivity. Trust us to infuse your design with the exceptional and the extraordinary, and let your living space reflect your unique style and taste.

Single Rooms

Sometimes, all it takes to breathe new life into your home is a little refresh. Our expert team can help you transform any room, from start to finish. We bring your unique vision to life, from selecting the perfect color palette to adding exquisite accessories. Our expertise spans from furniture and rugs to lighting, wallpaper, bedding, art, mirrors, and accessories. This service is all about consultation and collaboration, ensuring that your space exudes the ambiance you desire. Please note that project management is not available for this service.

New Constuction

Selecting construction materials for your new build can be an overwhelming task. Let Emerald Imports and Design make the process enjoyable and straightforward. We curate selections tailored to your needs, covering everything from flooring and color choices to bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, design advice, Schluter systems, grout selections, and more. We simplify the process, making your new construction journey a pleasant one.

Business Commerical 

If you're launching a new commercial storefront, business office, or restaurant, trust Emerald to handle the design and sourcing of your project. We're here to transform your space into a functional environment that allows you to focus on what truly matters—your business. Our commercial design services are the key to making a lasting impression.

Home Staging

Impress your guests during the holidays, family reunions, or prepare to sell your property with our expert home staging services. Whether you need a quick transformation or guidance on what needs changing, we're here to help. If you're a developer or realtor in search of home staging for your new specs, Emerald can lend its expertise to make your properties stand out.

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